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BabyWeigh™ II Scale

Product Description

The BabyWeigh II Scale provides accurate measurement of baby's weight just before and just after breastfeeding. The difference between these two weights equals breast milk intake.

Ideal for both professional and home use. 

Stable low-profile design: Designed to take up little space in your home while providing a comfortable, sturdy and contoured space for weighing your baby. 

Lightweight and portable: Weigh your child any place, any time. 

Easy to use push-button weight measurement and easy to read LCD display: Makes confirming your baby's weight and breastmilk intake simple. 

Compensates for a moving baby: Baby's movement won't affect the accuracy of the scale. 

Zero button accounts for blanket weight: Keep baby warm while getting an accurate weight. 

Measures breastmilk intake for infants up to 44 lbs: Know that as your baby continues to grow you can track how much milk he/she is taking in! 

Available for rental or purchase through Breast Is Best, a trusted Medela distributor and Lactation Station for 18 years.